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Christina is a very attentive listener and asks helpful questions. She has a vast supply of ideas and tools for approaching the client's difficulties. Her style is friendly, fun, flexible, honest and professional. Boundaries are respected. I've been Christina's coaching client over quite a period of time and have seen surprising developments and improvements in my life. There is an ease of learning. I highly recommend Christina as a life coach.

Susanne R.

I found that even after one session I left with some more vision towards shaping my goal and making progress towards attaining it. Christina consistently showed non-judgmental understanding and provided vehicles for personal insight through weekly one on one activities and various exercises. I enjoyed how these exercises made me feel: heard, insightful, motivated, and supported. She also helped me to identify and solve problems, communicate, and try new things.

Katie F.

Christina has a very subtle ability to nudge you back on track if you wander off-topic. Christina is a great coach because she is a very good listener who is patient while still being able to keep me focused on the subject at hand. She is gentle, supportive, and collaborative.

John W.

Christina has a very gentle and warm approach. She is also a very good listener. In our sessions, I felt heard and supported. I was able to navigate some challenging issues thanks to her coaching and to get back on track in a constructive manner. I also learnt to pay more attention to my intuition and to the messages my body sends. Thank you, Christina for your gentle and consistent support, I really enjoyed having you as my coach!

Christine P.

Christina always showed up with a flexible approach, to be there with me with what was present. She has a conversational approach to coaching, and it allowed me to learn from situations and events that I did not realize I could learn from. Also, it was fun to be coached by her!

Emilie B.

Christina is a great coach to work with. She has an open and relaxed approach that is accepting and yet encouraging and firm. As a result of coaching with Christina, I am more accepting of myself and more aware of the issues that I am struggling with. I’ve learned how to  better adapt and be open to issues as a result of coaching.

Peter L.

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