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The Inner Tube and the Deep Dive: Balancing Security and Risk

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I want you to think of an inner tube (like the kind you would use to float in a pool or lake) as representing your safe space, your comfort zone. Likewise, a deep dive (think scuba diving) represents taking chances, taking risks and exploring the unknown.

Both of these are part of life, and when in balance, we can enjoy both, cycling from one to the other throughout our lives and within all types of situations.

Here are a few things to consider that can help us keep these two in balance:

1. Understand what your inner tube means to you and know when you are in it. An example of being in your inner tube might be when you decide to stay home where it’s familiar instead of going out to a large social event where you will be expending a lot of energy and meeting new people.

2. Accept that you need both the comfort and security of the inner tube and the risk and adventure of a deep dive. Rather than an 'either/or', choose instead to see this as a 'both/and' part of life.

3. When you do choose to deep dive, do your best to do so with clear intention. An example of a deep dive could be deciding to take on your fear of public speaking by joining a public speaking group. To explore your intention, ask yourself: Why are you wanting to take this step? Be as specific as you can. Understanding why we're doing something and what we hope to come from it can help steer our actions and create more fulfillment in our experiences.

4. Lastly, reflecting on our experiences can help us understand ourselves and our actions. Ask yourself, am I glad I stayed in my inner tube this time, why or why not? Or, am I glad I took that deep dive, why or why not? Asking ourselves these questions help to inform our future decisions.

Wherever you are right now, whether in the midst of a deep dive or comfortably savoring moments in the inner tube, consider that both are okay and both are necessary. Consider that all is well and you are right where you need to be.

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