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Are you currently accepting new clients?

At this time, I am not accepting new clients.

What is coaching and how is it different from therapy?

Coaching is based on the belief that the client has the ability to gain insight, understand their own needs and motivations, and cultivate constructive action. In coaching, you might come to a session with a specific goal in mind or a more general intention or question that you would like to explore.

Unlike therapy, coaching does not include analysis, diagnosis, or interpretation from a mental health expert. Instead, coaching is a partnership and conversation between equals that helps the client to trust themselves and move in the direction of taking their next steps.

What is your approach to coaching?

As your coach I am a facilitator of your growth and progress. I believe that each one of us already has the resources to face our challenges and move through life's changes successfully. It is my role to help bring awareness to those resources and guide you to access your full potential. My approach is to meet you wherever you are and move at a pace that works for you. I will challenge you to reflect and think in new ways, as well as offer suggestions for tools and coaching exercises to try. I use methods and techniques from mindfulness, emotional intelligence, positive psychology and other creative coaching frameworks. To read what some clients have said about me, you can visit my Testimonials page. 

What are your rates?

Our first session is a free 30-minute session and a chance for us to see if we want to work together. After the first meeting, sessions are 45 minutes and are $90. Some people find they only need a few sessions, while some choose to do on-going sessions.

Can I work with a coach while also seeing a therapist?

Yes. Coaching and therapy can be complementary. However, I do recommend letting your therapist know if you start coaching.

What can I do if I’m not sure if coaching is right for me?

You’re welcome to email me with any questions you might have. If you decide to schedule a complimentary session, we can talk more about this during the session. If it seems like something else would be a better fit for you at that time, I will refer you to another professional who can help meet your needs.

I’ve contacted you to schedule my complimentary session, what happens now?

I will email you back with some suggestions for possible times/dates to meet. I will also include a brief intake form for you to fill out. This will help give me an idea about what you are hoping to get from our time together.

How did you choose the name for your coaching practice?

The labyrinth is a symbol found all over the world that represents the journey of life. In many professions, including coaching, the labyrinth is used as a tool for creating healing, reflection and insight. Walking a labyrinth is one of my own favorite ways to find clarity and calm.

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